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Meet the Titanic Mod Team

As mentioned on the front page, Titanic mod is a team effort. Without the help of the people below the project could never come as far as it is now. For those who are interested in the faces behind the project, I present you the Titanic Mod Team.
(Biography's will be added/updated through time)

Robin Bongaarts - Lead developer, Modeler, storywriter & Voice Actor

A full nut who goes after his goal no matter the effort. When he sees an objective, he's dedicated on reaching it and will not stop unless he agrees it's really impossible.
This tenancy does not create a discrete way of handling things sometimes but he sees it as an advantage to make him able to pursue what he wants. Therefore his lifemotto is "Those who come up with reasons why not to pursue their dreams shall never achieve theirs."

Kyle Hudak - Interior modeler

When it comes to knowledge, Kyle is a real Titanic enthusiast. In his extremely talented 3D recreations of the ship's interior, there is not a detail missed. Carefully paying attention to those and the dedication put into each model makes him an unmissable key member.
Next to Titanic Mod, Kyle is also hired as the exterior modeler of the very ship for the upcoming game "Titanic - Honor and Glory" developed by Four Funnel Entertainment.

Asa Skinner - Lead Programmer

Name it, and he creates it. There is almost nothing impossible for the programming skilset of Asa when it comes to Mafia modding. Asa is responsible for the gameplay elements such as the cutscenes, missions, interactive functions etc. Without him the ship would be an empty scenery with nothing going on and nothing to do. His remarkably positive attitude also makes him a great asset to the team.

Ronnie Scholtes - Original Soundtrack Composer

Ronnie Scholtes is a passionate and ambitious composer/ producer with an affinity for many different musical genres.Ronnie writes and produces electronic pop music. He's currently working with talented singer Jeron , but he also sings himself. In addition to singing and producing, he also takes piano lessons to further broaden his musical ability. Ronnie is also enrolled in a fulltime music education called: Music/ Producer in Rhoon, The Netherlands. This enables him to guide his career.
Another style he is experienced and comfortable with is soundtracks. He developed his love for soundtrack music through gaming. He believed he could create powerful atmospheres to draw the player in using music as his weapon of choice. Ronnie's ambition is to reach fans worldwide with his catchy and accessible pop songs and compose the soundtracks for blockbuster games. Although these are just two of his many musical aspirations, his main goal is to be able to create music for the rest of his life.

Arjen van Zwienen - Voice Actor, Thomas (Tommy) Angelo

19 year old Arjen has always been a fan of movies and games, and couldn't stop dreaming about making his own movies and games someday. He likes to mimic people in silly voices and loves to make people laugh. When he finds something he likes he will do anything to make it work, it doesn't matter how long it would take. Alike that nut on top of this page.

Nick Redfield - Voice Actor, Passengers & Villains

Nick started learning about acting at the age of 8.
On that day a senior couple came to his classroom and offered one of the workshops to join.
The man proposed a brass band and the woman offered a drama school.
At first Nick and one of his classmates wanted to join brass band, but after an introductory meeting he realized all those trumpets were not for him, so he decided to try himself at acting.
Since that moment there have been tens of roles and hundreds of performances, different cities and stages, exhausting rehearsals and grateful audiences. What once was a hobby has become Nick's vocation, and by the time he graduated from school, he'd firmly chosen to become a professional actor.
The first project Nick worked on as a voice actor was the modification for Red Alert 3 called Unleashed, in 2011.
Now, besides acting, Nick manages his own team of voice actors.
He's got a Specialist degree in Business-technologies in tourist and travel industry, plays guitar and sings in a rock band and tries his hand at sound design.

Vladimir Kozubsky - Voice Actor, Russian passenger

Vladimir is an Honored Worker of Russian Musical Society.
He is a musician, a singer, a poet and a song writer, an audio engineer, a stage actor and a voice actor.
After graduating the College of Arts in 1989, he began his career as a director of vocal-instrumental ensemble.
In 1993 Vladimir participated in his first play at a community theater, and that's when his journey as an actor started.
Along with honing his acting skills, Vladimir expressed himself in a variety of other fields.
Thus, he has recorded the album of his original songs called "Lady Fall" and participated in recording of two albums by the "Patmos" band.
Vladimir's poems have been published in almanacs and the miscellanies.
As a voice actor, Vladimir first appeared in Mount&Blade: Warband extension pack called Napoleonic Wars, in 2012.

Brandon Gallaher - Voice Actor, Paulie

Brandon's role as Paulie make people instantly recognize the original character from the game.
This is a rare and valuable feature as most of Mafia's original character voices are very iconic and one of a kind.

Mikael - Empire Bay Modeler, Voice Actor, Passengers

Mikael is a 24 year old guy from Germany.
He has experience in 3D modeling, 2D artwork, rigging, animation, sound
design and music creation.
He's a guy with many visions and a creative way of thinking and often assists Rob with Character modeling.
He's like a mixture of a fun person with incredible craziness.

Dylan Hardisty - Voice Actor, Steward Calvony

Dylan's authoritarian voice makes him perfectly fit his role as Steward Calvony, which in the storyline is the person with the most neutral perspecitve where anybody could rely on.

Steff Chapchoy - Voice Actor, Parov

Steff is a 16 year old guy from the Netherlands.
He likes to build his own games, mods and programs.
Steff started to build mods and games in early 2011 One of his creations is the Back to the Future mod for GTA IV.
He auditioned for the voice acting of the passenger's and stewards. Instead the role of Parov was more suitable to his desired character.
He was very happy to hear to got a character assigned that's part of the main story.

Christopher Newbery - Voice Actor, General Steward

Christopher is relatively new to the voice acting field; he has worked on both mods and games and has had the opportunity to be a voice acting director for one of his previous projects. Christopher is also a composer, 3D artist, and will jump at any chance for impov. acting he can. While being new to the creative industry of voice acting, he is eager to continue applying for new roles and taking it as far as he can.

Curtis R. Wilson - Voice Actor, Mr Ennio Salieri

Former pro wrestler on the Canadian independent scene, Curtis is now trying to work his way up the ranks as a voice over artist. With studio and ADR training from Toonvox Animation Workshops, he hopes to make voicing video games and cartoons a reality. Curtis has provided the majority of voice work for a Dawn of War mod based on Warhammer 40K, appears in small roles on the "WTF Just Happened" Machinima series on youtube, and played a few roles in the RPG "Save Your Mother". 

Andrew Bottino - Voice Actor, General Steward

Andrew is a 16 year old American voice actor from California. He began to become more interested in voice acting listening more and more to other voice actors, specifically Stephen Russell (Thief), Elias Toufexis (Deus Ex Human Revolution), Michael Mando (Far Cry 3), and GassyMexican (Youtube). He is currently new to voice acting, recording his voice only with his headset microphone, Audacity, and his laptop, and is already hired for a few jobs, this is first time actually getting a role assigned to him, as an officer. He is a video game commentator himself, his channel on Youtube is Freelance7. 

The above list of people is where I have received pictures and biographys from. To see the rest of the entire team, see the list below. When I have their photo's they will be added above as well.

Patrik Jonas

Lead Graphics and Mechanics programmer
Tomáš Růžička

Additional programmer
Geran McAdam Smith

Voice actors
Captain Smith - Alex Wallace
Sam - Dave Burt
Vincienzo - Alex Wallace
Officers - Andrew Bennison, Gordon Davies
Passengers - Daniel Doujak, Andrew Bennison
Female Passenger - Cassandra Ford