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Experienced with V-Ray rendering
MS Oceana - Winner of the Ship Simulator Content Creation Contest
The Titanic Mod - The largest Mafia game MOD ever made
3D Modeling and rendering for Naval architecture purposes
Deo Favente, Ship Simulator Extremes' latest addition
Plans for future Game studio
Character Development - For visualisation and gaming industry

Welcome to Robville Virtual Realisations.
RVR is currently a one man business specializing in a wide range of 3D designing, modeling and rendering varying from naval architecture to game development, founded by Robin Bongaarts (Alias "Mr Robville")

Several featured projects here are the "Mafia Titanic Mod"- which is a PC game modification for "Mafia - City of Lost Heaven". This is a team effort featuring a cast of voice actors, a soundtrack composer, programmers, and fellow 3D modelers. The Titanic Mod is the longest ongoing project by RVR since the day it started back in September 2006.

You'll also find information about 2 add-ons for the PC game "Ship Simulator Extremes" featuring the fictional liner "MS Oceana" with her tender and the Dutch inland cargo vessel "MS Deo Favente".

Plans are being made to start a game studio with a standalone game title after the Titanic mod has been completed.
Beside the gaming industry, RVR also specializes in making 3D renders for the Yacht industry such as interior renders of the Owners suite, Saloon, Guest cabins, and many other areas.

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